Welcome to my world of tattooing

I started tattooing in London, late 80's, Jim Silles of Enfield having given me a start.
In 1990 I came over to Bremen, Germany, chasing a German girl I'd met on
the hippy beaches of Goa some years earlier. With me I brought my Morris Marina
van packed to bursting with all my junk and the tools of my trade.

I opened my present shop in 1991 and have kept the needles buzzing ever since.

My preferred style of work is black and grey, realistic figurative pieces, widlife and
human portraits, japanese too. A studio report in Germany's "Tatowier Magazin"
(Nov.2004) flatters me as being "an unmistakably exceptional Black and Grey
specialist" ..."amongst the best". - But enough, let the pictures speak for themselves.